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the railroad industry

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Q: Which Industries most spurred economic growth and Innovation in related Industries?
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What industry most spurred economic growth and innovation and related industries?


What industry most spurred economic growth and innovation in related industries?


Which industry most spurred economic growth and innovation in related industries?


What economic change was spurred by technology?


What economic change was spurred technology?


What was a significant reason for America's rapid economic development?

The rapid economic development of the United States can be attributed to vast industrialization of the country in the run up to the Second World War. The post war prosperity came through innovation after innovation fueled by massive research and development projects and the technological space and weapons race spurred on by the Cold War against the Soviet Union. Further factors included the Interstate Highway System and the ownership of passenger vehicle enabling mobility and the rise of suburbs.

What spurred the new economy?

The new economy was spurred by advancements in technology, particularly the internet and digital platforms, which led to the creation of new industries and business models. Additionally, global economic integration and deregulation played a role in driving the new economy forward.

What stimulated us imperialism?

A need for cheap labor, Economic competition w/ nations & political/military competition with other nations spurred US imperialism

How did capitalism affect the Industrial Revolution?

Capitalism played a key role in fueling the Industrial Revolution by encouraging entrepreneurship, competition, and innovation. The ability to own private property and invest in businesses motivated individuals to engage in industrial activities, leading to technological advancements and economic growth. Capitalist principles, such as profit motive and free market competition, spurred industrialization and the development of factories and infrastructure.

What is the example sentence of spurred as a past tense verb?

My friend spurred me on to approach the girl.

When the US entered world war 2 a shortage of what spurred?

a shortage of food spurred

What effects were caused by the increasing availability of electricity in the 1920s?

The increasing availability of electricity in the 1920s led to the widespread adoption of new technologies such as radios, refrigerators, and electric appliances, improving the quality of life for many people. It also spurred the growth of industries like manufacturing and entertainment, contributing to economic development and transforming social dynamics by enabling people to connect and communicate in new ways.