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that's easy scarface was the brutalist he killed thousands of people including his best friend because he had a relationship with his sister watch the movie its long but awesome he also had been shot more than 27 times his life was ended by a elephant gun watch the movie you should

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Tony salerno

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Q: Which Mafia Boss was the most brutal?
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Who is the most feared mafia boss?

salvadore "toto" rina

What is the last level of Mafia Wars after boss level?

Mafia Wars Cuba.

In Mafia Wars what level is after under boss?

there 3 level in all of them

How do you unlock the levels after boss in Mafia Wars?

There are no levels in NY after Boss in Mafia Wars. This is why they developed Cuba. Now you can keep on playing but...not in New York.

Which Mafia Boss ran his crime family longest?

Stefano Maggadino was the longest running mafia boss in the country's history and a member of the Commission, the mafia's ruling body. He was the head of the BUFFALO crime family.

What top mafia positions can a fearless character do on Mafia Wars?

Master Boss is the Top position you can get.

Who is the biggest mafia boss in Vancouver?

Al capone

What is the Female version of a mafia boss?

'Godmother' or a 'Donna'

In which film did Christopher walken play a mafia boss?

Christopher Wlken played the part of a kidnapped Mafia Boss in the movie Suicide Kings, released in 1997.

What are the titles of those in the mafia hierarchy?

Boss - Consigliere(boss's advisers) Underboss Capo Soldier Associate # Capofamiglia - (Boss) # Consigliere - (Counselor/Advisor) # Sotto Capo - (Underboss) # Capodecina - (Group Boss/Capo) # Uomini D'onore - ("Men of Honor")

What is a boss of Chicago outfit?

The boss of the Chicago Outfit is the Don, The Don rules the whole of the criminal Organisation. The Chicago Outfit were the most powerful and respect mafia family on earth.

What is a mafia leader called?

The most powerful boss is often referred to as the capo di tutti capi ("boss of all bosses"), who allegedly commands all the clans of Cosa Nostra. Cosa Nostra name was created by the Mafia and the FBI.A Mafia leader can also be called a 'don', as in Don Corleone from the movie "The Godfather".