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The Indian Removal Act. As people began to move west they wanted the Native American lands, so the act made it official that the tribes were to be removed. From the very moment of the first colony the European settlers did their best to kill, remove, or displace the Native tribes from their lands. The government made treaties they broke and they forcibly removed people to reservations. The Union army would go into a sleeping village early in the morning and kill men, women, and children. The government policy was a " good Indian was a dead one" and they would do anything to accomplish this task. Read Black Elk Speaks or Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee for further understanding of the genocide that was committed.

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that would be the Indian removal act which occurred in 1830.

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Relocation Act

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Q: Which act did congress pass to force the relocation of native Americans?
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What did the government seek to do by following the termination policy?

they wanted to force native americans into the mainstream.

Where did the US force the native Americans to live?

The US forced Native Americans to live on reservations.

As friends of the indians what did many in the office of Indian affairs want?

to force white Christian culture on the Native Americans

How did they contribute to removing Native Americans from their land?

Native Americans were removed from their lands by the use of Force (threat of death) and by Treaty (often backed by the use of Force).

What did Spain build to force the native Americans to Christianity?


How many native Americans were force to migrate the Indian removal act of 1830?

Over 2,000 Native Americans were forced to relocate south.

What force killed more native Americans than did the spanish?


Did the french force the native Americans to fight in the french Indian war?


Why was the Dawes Act passed by the US government?

congress passed the dawes act to force native Americans to be farmers. It forced the Native American on to the reservations and give up their freedom in their own country.

Who was considered an advocate of force removal of Native Americans from their land?

William McKinley

What did Anthony Wayne force native Americans to sign?

The treaty of Greenville.

Did settlers and Native Americans often fight?

ANSWERTrick question actually, usually the Native Americans didn't attack but the settlers used force to drive them out.ANSWERThere have been many times that the settlers fought with Native Americans. Most often, it was because the settlers used force to drive the Native Americans out of their land, or the Native Americans fought to get land back that the settlers had wrongfully taken. Sometimes, the native people attacked the colonists or pioneers because the settlers would violate treaties they had made with the natives.