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The Freedmen's Bureau.

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Q: Which agency gave food and clothes to former slaves and needy whites during reconstruction?
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Which former confederate state had most blacks holding office during reconstruction?

Which former Confederate state had the most blacks holding office during Reconstruction

Did education help former slaves during construction?

yes educion did help former slaves during reconstruction

What was the name that the former confederates gave to the southern republicans during reconstruction?


What established schools for former slaves during Reconstruction?

It was the Freedmen's Bureau.

Did scalawags established schools for former slaves during Reconstruction?

i dont know it you tell me what it means

Which newspaper headline would have appeared during the reconstruction period after the civil war?

former slaves made citizens

Who did Georgians choose as their two senators during Reconstruction?

Herschel Johnson (a former Confederate soldier) and Alexander Stephens (former vice president of the Confederacy)

What group of people could not hold public office during reconstruction?

former enslaved African Americans

During reconstruction former slaves were assisted by this organization which was created by the congress in 1865 what was it called?

Freedman's Bureau

Why were former confederates unable to vote during military Reconstruction?

they were unable to take an oath that they had been loyal to the union

Why did the south welcome Johnson's reconstruction plan?

The South welcomed Andrew Johnson's reconstruction plan because it neglected the rights of former slaves more or less, and he granted over 1,000 pardons to former Confederate leaders during his time in office.

What happened first the civil war or reconstruction?

Reconstruction means rebuilding. During the Civil War, much of the South was destroyed. Reconstruction was rebuilding AFTER the war- both physical rebuilding, and rebuilding the government in the former Confederate States.