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The buffalo, or bison was the main species hunted by the plains tribes.

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Q: Which animal did the Arapaho Indians hunt the most?
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What is the most expensive hunting animal?

The most expensive animal you can hunt is the elephant. Other expensive animals to hunt include the leopard and the lion.

How did the Arapaho indians end?

The Arapaho tribe will be most surprised to hear that you think they have "ended". They number about 5,000, they are alive and well and living in two main locations: the Northern Arapaho are with the Shoshone on the Wind River reservation in Wyoming; the Southern Arapaho are with the Southern Cheyenne in Oklahoma. Like all the true Plains tribes they were moved on to reservations in the late 1800s and "civilised" by attending schools, taking up farming and adopting Christianity.

What animal is the most important to the Indians?

the answer is buffalo

What animal did the plains Indians rely on for food shelter and clothing?

The Plains Indians had the buffalo. For most of the Eastern Indians the deer was the key animal. For the Inuit it was the seal and the caribou.

How beagles hunt?

most of the time beagles hunt in groups and when they are hunting they sniff out the traits that came from a wild animal and then the person with the gun will shot the wild animal!

What European animal was the most frightening to the American Indians?


Which European animal was the most frightening to the American Indians?


Did Blackfoot Indians hunt deer?

Yes. Deer were a staple in the diet of most Native Americans.

What is Washington's most popular animal to hunt?

Correct AnswerIt depends if you have a big brain

Most important animal to the plains indians?

Bison, also known as the buffalo.

What animal did Artemis hunt the most?

The goddess Artemis hunted mainly forest animals. She probably hunted deer the most.

What do the Plain Indians use as weapons?

The Plain Indians use bows, arrows, then came the horses, then after the horses the hunters started to hunt on foot. Once they started to hunt on foot, they realized that they didn't have a gun. then after the gun there came a present day but, they mainly used the gun. They needed weapons so that tribes can hunt the most.