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Q: Which decade saw a marked decline in American attitudes toward government?
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What decade had the largest decline in native American population?


Which decade had the largest decline in the Native American population?

The largest decline in the Native American population occurred in the 19th century, particularly during the 1800s. This period witnessed significant population loss due to factors such as disease, forced removal policies, warfare, and displacement from traditional lands by settlers and the U.S. government.

Which decade saw the steepest decline in the white birthrate?


What decade did the total number of Japanese-Americans living in California decline?


How many years did most governors and legislators serve in the newly formed state government?

a decade.

How did a decade of Republican government affect the economy?

A decade of republican government put the economy in debt. During Reagan's time the money was spend on defense spending.

What has the author Marsden written?

Marsden. has written: 'Study in to the changing attitudes of teachers over the last decade in to the effect of television on the development of school children'

The decade that witnessed the most growth in American railroads was the?


Who where the most important African American people in the decade?

barak obama

What decade saw the greatest expansion of the railroads in American history?


What During which decade did the federal government begin to enforce the Fourteenth Amendment?


Why were the 1930s called the devil's decade?

It was a period of financial difficulty caused by the 1929 Wall Street Crash that led to a global depression. Britain had an economic decline