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Q: Which delegate favored republicanism rather than the constitution modeled after the British system?
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Which delegate favored republicanism rather than a constitution modeled afterthe british system?

Novanet ... James Madison! Love you guys!

Why did Eisenhower embrace modern republicanism?

Eisenhower favored big business. His Cabinet was mostly composed of successful businessmen, which is why he would want to further the development of republicanism.

Who favored constitution?


Republicans favored what interpretation of the constitution?


What kind of interpretation of the constitution do federalists favor?

They favored strict interpretation of the Constitution.

What section of SC favored the constitution?

the low country

Who favored loose interpretation of the constitution?

Alexander Hamilton

What were People who favored the new Constitution called?


What is Revolutionary Republicanism?

Revolutionary Republicanism generally refers to a form of republicanism that the colonists favored during the period nearing and throughout the Revolutionary War. Its main ideals were popular sovereignty, rule by law, and legislation by elected representatives. It also borrowed ideas from Whig and Enlightenment thinkers. However today, Republicanism can refer to different things in different places. In the US, Republicanism means conservative; in the UK, Republicanism can mean those who advocate removal of the Queen as head of state and replacement with an elected figurehead President OR extreme Irish nationalism. In Australia, Republicanism is associated with moderate nationalism and removal of the Queen as head of state.

Which New York delegate favored a powerful government and a strong chief executive with almost king-like powers?

Alexander Hamilton.

Federalists favored ratification of the Constitution because they?

Federalists favored the ratification of the Constitution because they believed that a strong central government was needed. The federalists were generally wealthy individuals, that were opposed to anarchy.

What was the name of the group of people who favored the new constitution?