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The Declaration of Independence is the document where the original American colonies asserted their independence from Great Britain. It was created in 1776.

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Q: Which document said America was a free country?
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Why is the declaration of independence is an important document?

The document said that we were a country and we were free of Great Britain's rule.

When did great Britain recognize the US of America as an independent nation?

The document that said America was free from England was: - The Treaty of Paris (There were two "Treaty of Paris" One for the end of the French and Indian War and One at the end of the Revolutionary War.)

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Who said it was a free country?

The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence

What document said the US would use force to protect its interests in Latin America?

Monroe Doctrine.

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Why we say America had been free with out war?

This is not said because we have been in wars from the very start.

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Did the Treaty of Paris make the US a new country?

The Treaty of Paris stated that Britain was to respect America as a nation and withdraw troops from the NW region. It also said America was to pay back debts to lands taken from loyalists. The Declaration of Independance stated America wanted to be its own free nation apart from England.

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