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representative assemblies

Legislative assemblies, whose members were elected by voters, evolved during the colonial period. Most became so powerful that they held the power of the purse and so controlled the actions of colonial governors.

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representative assemblies

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the necessity of a seperation of power

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Q: Which feature of government was developed most fully during the colonial period?
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Which feature of present day Indian society was introduced by the british during colonial times?

parliamentary system of government

Which feature of present-day Indian society was introduced by the British during colonial times?

parliamentary system of government

What form of government did nigeria had during colonization?

teaching of colonial government in education

From whom did Vietnam adopt its writing religion and government?

Vietnam was once a part of China so its religion and government traditionally were based on the Chinese model. They used the Chinese writing system until the 13th century where they developed their own system. During the French colonial period, they developed a romanized writing system developed by missionaries.

What was the organizational structure of government during Spanish colonial period?

becuase lloyd the grat

What was main reason large plantations developed in south during the colonial period?

British law discouraged tenant farming

The framers were afraid of a strong government because of their experiences during colonial rule by?

Great Britain

What democrtic ideas were apparent during the colonial period?

representative government; freedom of speech and religion

Why no national government during pre colonial period?

because the barangays are well lead by their leaders.

Where did government meetings take place in Pennsylvania during Colonial America?

Government meetings in Pennsylvania took place at Independence Hall, Philadelphia.

What British traditions and American colonial experiences with freedom were incorporated into the US government during the constitution?

all of them

Do you capitalize British colonial policy?

Yes, "British colonial policy" should be capitalized because it is a proper noun referring to a specific policy enacted by the British government during its colonial period.