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Florence Letcher Toms

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Q: Which founder of delta sigma theta collected elephants?
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Why is the Delta Sigma Theta mascot an Elephant?

Delta does not have a mascot. Members collect elephants following the tradition of a founder.

When was Delta Sigma Delta created?

Delta Sigma Delta was created in 1882.

How can you get a delta sigma theta book?

Where can i get a Delta Sigma Theta handbook

When was Delta Sigma Pi created?

Delta Sigma Pi was created on 1907-11-07.

When was Delta Epsilon Sigma created?

Delta Sigma Epsilon was created on 1914-09-23.

When was Delta Omicron Sigma created?

Delta Omicron Sigma was created in 2003.

When was Sigma Delta Lambda created?

Sigma Delta Lambda was created in 1996.

When was Omega Delta Sigma created?

Omega Delta Sigma was created in 1999.

Why was delta sigma theta famous?

Delta Theta Sigma was created in 1906.

When was Sigma Tau Delta created?

Sigma Delta Tau was created on 1917-03-25.

When was Sigma Phi Delta created?

Sigma Phi Delta was created on 1924-04-11.

What is the motto of Sigma Mu Delta?

The motto of Sigma Mu Delta is 'Prevailing Together'.