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Q: Which group passed the amendment which recognized the citizenship of African Americans and recognized the rights of all citizens?
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What was the equal right amendment?

The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects all American citizens from unequal treatment by the law and it solidifies African Americans' citizenship. Part of the Amendment is known as the Equal Protection Clause.

What gave citizenship to African-Americans?

The 14th amendment granted citizenship to African American slaves freed by the 13th amendment. The 14th amendment give anyone born or naturalized in the united states are United states Citizens

Which amendment made African Americans citizens?

All African Americans became citizens as a result of the 14th Amendment.

How was the fourteenth amendment supposed to help African-Americans?

It gave full citizenship to all people born in the Unites States. Because most African Americans were American born, they became full citizens. The amendment also required every state to grant its citizens "equal protection of the laws."

When were Chinese Americans allowed to become citizens?

Not until the repeal of the Chinese exclusion act in1943. Followed by Indian-Americans in 1946. Japanese-Americans were not allowed granted citizenship until 1952. So much for the fourteenth amendment.

Which amendment made blacks citizens?

admendment 14

What sources of American citizenship did the Fourteenth Amendment establish?

The Amendment was added as part of the Reconstruction Amendments. The citizenship clause provided African American's the rights and freedoms of citizens.

What two acts made African Americans citizens?

14th Amendment and the 15th amendment.

What requirement was necessary for African Americans to become citizens under the fourteenth amendment?

The requirement that was necessary for African Americans to become citizens undr the fourtheenth amendment was that they had to be born in the U.S.

What amendment said citizenship started those who are born in America are citizens of America also due process given to citizens?

The 14th

How did the concept of citizenship change in 1868?

African American men become citizens through the 14th Amendment

How did the Fourteenth Amendment change the legal status of African Americans who had been enslaved but were born outside the US?

The Fourteenth Amendment granted citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the United States, including former slaves who were born outside the country. This meant that African Americans who were previously enslaved but born outside the US were now considered US citizens and entitled to the rights and protections provided by the Constitution.