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It depends on what you are discussing. If you are doing an essay, it depends on the time frame that you are focusing on. If you are talking to someone, use African American.

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Q: Which is better Afro-American or African-American?
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Where is beyonce's farther from?

He is afroamerican.

Was Frankie Lymon AfricanAmerican?


First suregon to separate conjoined twins?

Who was the first AfroAmerican nuerosuregon who performed this surgery.

Was the AfroAmerican league well known in the civil rights movement?

because your butt is big

What is the origin of the word 'word' when used as a slang?

AfricanAmerican gang slang for "I agree." Or "That's right"

What movement united africanamerican with groups of people from Africa?

The Civil Rights Movement united African Americans with groups of people from Africa.

Barack Obama the afro American can it happen in India?

What do you mean? Do you mean 'Could India have an AfroAmerican leader?' or do you mean 'Could America have a president of Indian background?'

What did african-americans do in the north during the civil war?

The volunteers were formed into segregated units with white officers.

When the bus boycott was going on many of the white women did what?

Casucasian men and women walked right beside their AfricanAmerican women and men to show their support for the boycott.

What was the music video from year 2000ish with green scan-line effect that formed into band members where main vocalist was afroamerican and he probably had short dreadlocks?

If anyone is interested I found it: "Staring at the Sun" by TV on the Radio

What happend to the provision to allow fr4ee africanamerican men to vote?

Please provide more information/context/clarification to help us answer this question. You can post your response in this answer text by clicking "Edit."

Where can you find Afroamerican novels from the late 20th century?

See the related links below for links to African American Literature libraries. I couldn't find a completely comprehensive list anywhere, and there might not be one... there are a LOT of books out there. But hopefully those links will help... and may I suggest Octavia Butler? Her stuff is GREAT.