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Alpha testing is always performed by the developers at the software development site.

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Q: Which kind of user invoves in alpha testing?
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Difference between alpha testing and beta testing?

Alpha Testing is always performed at the time of Acceptance Testing when developers test the product and project to check whether it meets the user requirements or not.Beta Testing is always performed at the time when software product and project are marketed.

What is the preferred order for performing testing on information technology project?

1. unit testing,integration testing, system testing, user acceptance testing. 2. unit testing, system testing , integration testing,user acceptance testing. 3. unit testing, system testing , user acceptance testing,integration testing. 4. unit testing, ,integration testing, user acceptance testing,system testing.

What is the role of a UAT?

In my organization, UAT stands for User Acceptance Testing. It is testing done by the end users to insure that the software being developed meets their needs and does what they expect it to do.

What is user satisfaction testing?

user satisfaction testing is the process of quantifying the usability test with some measurable attributes of the test

What is UAT environment?

User Acceptance Testing

Why does user inter-operability testing present such a big challenge to the testing effort?

It is very difficult to simulate the wide range of user capability/knowledge.

What is the difference between usability testing and user interface testing?

USABILITY TESTING:- 1.In Usability Testing tester tests that whether the application is user friendly or not by checking how easily user can access the application. 2.In Usability Testing we check whether the design and layout of application is easy to use or not means it is user friendly or not. 3.In Usability Testing tester tests the easiness to use the software. USER INTERFACE TESTING:- 1. In GUI Testing tester tests the application front end design to see whether its meets the client requirements or not. 2.In GUI Testing we check whether the design and layout of application as per the standards and client requirements or not. 3.In GUI Testing tester tests the appearance of the software.

What do you mean by alpha and beta of software?

When you write software then the first attempt at a finished product will be called the "alpha" version. This will then be passed to the bug testing, quality control, user feedback teams for field testing. On the basis of the feedback, the bugs found will be corrected and modifications made and a new version of the product will be produced called the "beta" version. This will then be sent out/released to selected users in the wider community for field testing and a period of bug correction/modification will follow until finally a "released" or "final" version of the product is produced and marketed to the community.

What is Microsoft Six Rules Standardfor User Interface testing?

User Interface Testing come under GUI (Graphic User Interface) testing. GUI is a functional testing. Six Rules for Microsoft user interface testings are:- * Controls should be clear and visible * Controls should be aligned properly * Controls should not be overlapped * Initial letter should be in capital letters * Making sure that "Ok" & "Cancel" buttons exists. * Making sure that "System Menu" exists.

What is User acceptance testing?

Acceptance testing is when the specifier or purchaser (or end user) gets to try the product/service/program and determine if it meets requirements/specifications. basically.... its when the final product is given to the end-user so as to run it themselves. he/she can then assess how efficient it is

Why is user support mandatory for a successful Acceptance Test?

Acceptance Testing must include User Error handling scenarios

How do you pass vaginal drug testing?

Simple..... DON'T DO DRUGS ! If you're a drug-user - and are selected for testing - you have NO chance of passing the test !