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Ida B. Wells


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Ida B. Wells

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Kim jong-un

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W.E.B Du Bois-Apex

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Q: Which leader was threatened by violence and fled from the South?
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Which leader was threatened by violence and fled the South?

Ida B. Wells

What leader threatened by violence and fled from the south?

Ida B. Wells [apex]

What caused massive migration of Vietnamese people in the US?

After the North conquered the South, Vietnamese people who had supported and worked with the United States were threatened by the new government and fled to the United States.

Why did the nazi wanted to crimes fled to south America?

South America, and particularly Argentina opened its doors to the nazi criminals who fled Germany to avoid prosecution after their defeat at the end of the war.

What was the name of the French leader who fled to Great Britain after the fall of France?

General David Benjamin Brandt.

What Chinese leader fled to Taiwan during the cultural revolution?

Chiang Kai-shek.

What were some of Genghis Khans siginificant accomplishments?

the qin fled south when they were defeated by the huns

Why did thousands of people flee after the Vietnam war?

They fled South Vietnam, not Vietnam; they feared slaughter.

American soldiers were confused to discover that many south vietnamese people?

Had fled to Laos and Cambodia.

Is dred Scott African?

dred Scott is African

What was the name given to the African Americans who fled the south and headed to Kansas during the late 1800 and?


What is the past tense of 'flee'?

The past tense of flee is fled. Past simple --- fled.past continuous -- was/were + fleeingpast perfect -- had + fledpast perfect continuous -- had + been + fleeing