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Q: Which nation experienced a revolution in 1979?
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What nations experienced a revolution in 1979?


Which of these nations experienced a revolution in 1979?


What nation experienced the Velvet Revolution?


What Central American country experienced the Sandinista Revolution in 1979?


Which if these countries experienced an Islamic revolution in the late 1970s?

IRAN had the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Which nation experienced a communist revolution in the years immediately following World War 2?


What nation experienced the Velvet Revolution a peaceful and non violent movement to remove Communists from power?

Czech Republic

How did Iran's policy toward the US change after the revolution of 1979?

Before 1979, Iran was very friendly and welcoming to the US. Iran was a very close ally of the US. After the revolution of 1979, the Iranian government declared the US a satanic nation.

What was the Islamic revolution in 1979?

The revolution in Iran (led by Khomeini).

What was the name of the revolution in Iran 1979?

Islamic revolution

In 1979 in 1979 what stopped the flow of oil from Iran?

A revolution

When was Revolution's Orphans created?

Revolution's Orphans was created in 1979.