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Children working in coal mines

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Q: Which of these groups of people were least likely to benefit from industrialization?
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How was progressivism a reaction to industrialization?

Industrialization resulted in a revolution in the way products were made and the kinds of jobs in which people worked. Unfortunately, it also resulted in a lot of illness, poverty, and unfortunate social problems. Progressives sought to address the social issues caused by industrialization.

Which groups benefited from the reforms of the progressive era?

Poor people and immigrants did not benefit while large business and rich people did

The danger of having in-groups and out-groups in a society is that they make people categorize people as .?

us" and "them"

What movement united African Americans with groups of people from Africa?

Pan-Africanism was the movement that united African Americans with groups of people from Africa.

What are the the THREE most significant effects of industrialization on the US economy from 1877-1900?

The most significant effect of the industrialization on the US Economy from 1877-1900 is the mass movement of population to the large cities and away from rural areas. You will find significant population increases in the northern industrial cites. A second effect would be a significant shift in wealth. Before Industrialization, a majority of the most wealthy Americans were people who owned large farms. As a result of industrialization, you have people like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and many other captains of Industry make their huge fortunes. A 3rd effect is that Industrialization made the United States a player on the World Scene. The US became a World Power because of the industrialization thus leading to the Spanish American War, the building of the Panama Canal, and eventually WW1.

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Who most likely formed the first governments?

small groups of people.

What is the main feature of public nterest groups?

They benefit people within the group and many people in general.

Which groups of people are most likely to be unemployed?

The uneducated and underqualified.

When is it most likely when people become obedient to rules?

when the rules benefit themselves

What do interests groups do?

Interest groups advocate for a variety of causes in front of congress people. Their goal is to get members of the House and Senate to vote in ways that benefit their cause.

What did Robert Merton mean by in groups and out of groups create a n?

He said that certain groups of people were more likely to be able to attain the American Dream than others. And, people, whither in groups or out of groups, may have more of an advantage than others.

What people or groups of people are at risk of suicide?

you are more likely for suicide in rural areas, whites are more likely to commit suicide then other races.

Explain why when exchange rates change some groups benefit and others lose?

When the exchange rates change some groups benefit like people who are exporting when the exchange rate drops. It is much worse if you're importing and the rate goes down.

What two groups of people did not benefit from the era of prosperity during the decade of the 1920s?

The Maritime Provinces , and the Prairie provinces in canada

Which groups of people might of benefited from Teddy Roosevelt's actions as a trustbuster?

Every American could benefit from Roosevelt's actions.

Why would people in south America be likely to build dams on the major rivers?

People in south America build dams on the major rivers to get more electricity. Plus, there is more industrialization in the area.

Who will the telephone help?

The telephone will help everyone more likely businesses or mass groups of people