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The flappers were nonconformists who were willing to try new styles of dress and public behavoir

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Q: Which of these statements best describes the temperament of the flappers in the US during the Roaring Twenties?
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How did the flappers represent the spirit of the twenties?

Flapper girls of the "Roaring Twenties" were women rebelling against the 'natural' form of being a woman. The twenties was a time of social and economic change, and women took a first step by standing out in society.

Each event above happened during which time period?

Study Island: The roarin' twenties! Yay gangsters and flappers!

How old were flappers?

They were usually quite young - in their teens and twenties, but some older women got into the craze of flapperhood too.

Who was president during the 1920s time of the flappers?

Calvin Coolidge was the president during most, if not all, of the flapper era, aka the roaring twenties.

What era were flapper girls?

Flappers are most commonly associated with the Roarin' Twenties, before the Great Depression. They wore short skirts, drank, smoked, and treated sex in a casual manner.

What were the roaring twenties?

Some of the characteristics of the Roaring Twenties was the Jazz Age, the Prohibitation, the Flappers, and the Red Scare. Also was the fads for bobbed hair, the production of Model T cars, and the invention of the radio.

How did the flapper represent the spirit of the twenties?

Flappers were northern, urban young women who held jobs. These women led an exciting lifestyle for the time by bobbing their hair, wearing short dresses, and taking part in city nightlife. They smoked, went to "Speakeasies" and were sexually liberated.

In what ways was big business in the 1920s comparable to the flappers?

Big business in the 1920s and flappers were both iconic of the Roaring Twenties era. Big business was characterized by rapid economic growth and industrial advancements, reflecting the modern and forward-thinking attitudes of the time. Flappers, on the other hand, were symbolic of changing social norms, particularly in terms of women's independence and autonomy. Both represented a break from more traditional values and marked a shift towards a modern lifestyle.

How did flappers made conflicts?

Flappers were a form of entertainment. Flappers caused conflicts because they were women who did things that were not "women-like" they were very independent.

What best describes a flapper in the 1920?

flappers were dresses worn by the women of the 20's who liked dancing and partying. the dress a flapper wore was formfitted and had fringe

Why did flappers turn to flappers?

Flappers needed to turn into flappers because they needed to show the world that men and women are equal in every way. if guys can go out in public and smoke and wear whatever they wanted then so can the women

How were pioneering women and flappers different?

Pioneering women were more serious than flappers