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James Marshall was the first ever person to think he found gold

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Q: Which pirate thought he found gold on Baffin Island?
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What was the first island Leif erickson found?

Baffin Island.

What did they think was on Baffin island?

they found gold!

When did William Baffin discover Baffin Island?

In 1616, Baffin tried to find the Northwest passages. He failed but he found Baffin Bay on the way. (In 1616)

Where did the vikings explore in Canada?

In newoundland and the name newfoundland becuz they new found the land. In baffin, btw. :d

How did the 1999 baffin island avalanche start?

It started when they found out that there was a avalanche reading on the radio

Where is the Hudson strait found?

This strait lies between Baffin Island and the northern coast of Quebec.

What sent William Baffin to baffin bay?

He did not intend to find the baffin bay but instead the nortwest passage. When he failed on finding the northwest passage he found the baffin bay.

What is the largest to the northeast of Canada?

It is Canada's 10th province called New Found land, unless you are thinking of Baffin island which is even further north.

Where is the Pirate's Eye in Wii Sports Resort Island Flyover?

There is no such thing I have found all 80

The bay that is found west of Greenland is?

Baffin Bay

What bay is found west of Greenland?

Baffin Bay

Where did Jim Hawkins end up when he found a map?

Jim Hawkins found himself embarking on a treasure hunt to an island after uncovering a map indicating the location of buried pirate treasure.