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An absolute monarchy doesn't place high value on political participation. The absolute monarch rules over his subjects, who have no say in political matters.

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Q: Which political culture does not place high values on political participation?
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Factors that best explain young people's participation in youth culture include a sense of identity and belonging, peer influence, media and technology, and the desire for self-expression and exploration. These factors can shape their interests, values, and behaviors, creating a shared culture that helps young people navigate adolescence and establish their place in society.

What is maroonage?

Maroon-age is the culture or values governing a place

On What does the American political culture place little value?

equality of opportunity

What difference subculture with counterculture?

A subculture is a smaller group within a larger society that shares common beliefs, behaviors, and values that distinguish them from the dominant culture. Whereas, a counterculture is a subculture that actively opposes or challenges the values and norms of the dominant culture. Countercultures often seek to bring about social or political change.

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political characteristics

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The laws in place are there because of the values of a country. This is why each country has different laws.

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Yes, place can be considered an element of culture as it plays a significant role in shaping the behaviors, beliefs, and values of a society. The physical environment, geographical location, and landmarks of a place can influence the cultural practices and traditions of its inhabitants.

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How does cultural relativism affect race relations?

Culture relativism is defined as the principles of a specific group or culture within an environment based on their beliefs, practices, traditions, and values. Culture relativism affects race relations because it brings people from specific races together by the invisible barriers that culture puts in place.

Is a term that refers to the need to consider the unique characteristics of the culture in which a persons behavior takes place.?

Cultural sensitivity is the term that refers to the need to consider the unique characteristics of the culture in which a person's behavior takes place. It involves understanding and responding to the values, beliefs, and practices of a particular culture to ensure respectful and effective communication and interaction.