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Q: Which regions of the world were most sought after by the Europeans in the imperialsm?
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Which regions of the world were most sought after by the Europeans?


What regions of the world had europeans explored by the late 1700s?


Is the caravel ship still being used today?

No it was used in the the 15th and 16th centuries by europeans to explore uncharted regions of the world.

What led the European imperialsm?

what led to European imperialsim was an ego trippin' dictator called Mitch Rogers and he dominated the ancient world...oh and he was really short.

How was imperialsm the cause for world war 1?

people wanted to expand the borders of their country which would mean invading eachothers territories which made people angry

How did the Europeans explore the New World?

The Europeans explored the New World with ships.

Why did Europeans begin exploring other lands?

Faster trade routes and to expand there territories! The explorers did it for favor of the crown among other benefits.

What letter is silent in the word sought?

what word is silent in the world sought

How many climatic regions are there in the world?

There are 8 world climate regions in the world

Whp did Europeans force to work as slaves in the New World?

Europeans forced millions of Africans to work as slaves in the New World. They were captured from various regions of Africa and transported across the Atlantic Ocean to work on plantations, mines, and in other forms of labor in the Americas. This brutal and exploitative system of slavery played a significant role in the economic development of European colonies in the New World.

How did contact with Europeans change in the new world?

Contact with the Europeans changed life in the new world by...?

What are the regions?

the regions are the groups of statesin the world