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larde number of african slaves were imported

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Q: Which statement best describes a result of the scarcity of native Indian labor in Latin America during the colonial period?
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Which statement best describes the economy in Latin America during the colonial times?

European nations practiced a mercantilistic system in latin America

Which statement Best describes Catholic church leaders the military And landowners In Latin America During the colonial times?

They formed and elite class and hel political power

What was a major reason for the importation of africans as slaves during the colonial period in latin America?

scarcity of native indian labor

What best describes Catholic Church leaders and the military and landowners in Latin America during colonial times?

What best describes Catholic Church leaders and the military and landowners in Latin America during colonial times?

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What statement does not describe the Mercantile systems in Colonial America?

The colonies were allowed to trade with other countries.

Which best describes the Great Awakening in colonial America?

A rejection of religious formality in American churches

What statements about south America describes spanish colonies but not the potuguese colonies?

encomienda system was used throughout the colonial era

What statement best describes the relationship between the Spanish colonial caste system and independence movements in 19th-century Latin America?

The Spanish colonial caste system played a significant role in fueling discontent among the diverse populations of Latin America, as it perpetuated social and racial inequalities. This sense of injustice contributed to growing movements for independence in the 19th century, as individuals sought to break free from oppressive colonial structures and assert their political and cultural autonomy.

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Which statements about South America describes Spanish colonies but not Portuguese colonies?

Indian slavery was made illegal during the colonial era.

Which statement is best described by the phrases religious intolerance high rents on land scarcity of resources?

Reason's English settlers came into the colonies in America