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New Railroad lines :)

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New railroad lines.

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Q: Which technological advance contributed to the growth of suburbs in the late nineteenth century?
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Which technological advance from the nineteenth century resulted in all the effects listed above?

The illustration above demonstrates one problem associated with a summer night in new York city 1882

Which of these contributed to the economic growth of the North during the early to mid nineteenth century?

developments in transportation

What did many American utopian experiments of the early nineteenth century focus on?

Advanced scientific and technological ways of producing and consuming.

What are the differences between 19th and 20th century private security?

Name and discuss three technological innovations that improved the private security industry in the nineteenth century.

What was responsible for the declining of death in the nineteenth century?

What contributed to a lower death rate in the 19th century, was better nutrition improvements in personal hygiene and public health.

Two new technical developments of the late nineteenth century that contributed to the spectacular growth of American cities were?

The Telegraph and the railroads

Which of these had the LARGEST impact on the growth of eastern American cities in the late nineteenth century?

Industrialization had the largest impact on the growth of eastern American cities in the late nineteenth century. The rise of factories and the expansion of industries led to increased urbanization as people moved to cities in search of employment opportunities. This influx of people, combined with technological advancements, contributed to the rapid growth and development of cities.

The nineteenth century was when?

The nineteenth century was from 1800 - 1899.

What changes occurred during the late 19th century that contributed to the downfall of the Victorian age?

technological advances an war

How did achievements in science and technology contribute to secularization in the ninetheenthe century?

The achievments in science and technology contributed to the secularization in the nineteenth century because of their marginalization of religion and replacement of supernatural ideas.

What crop contributed the greatest wealth to the US in the early nineteenth century?

Mainly, cotton, rice, tobacco, and sugar!

Four factors contributed to the emergence of sociology as a discipline in the nineteenth century?

Four factors that contributed to the emergence of sociology as a discipline in the nineteenth century were industrialization, urbanization, the rise of nationalism, and the Enlightenment ideals of reasoning and individual rights. These societal changes led to a need to understand and study the social structures and interactions that were evolving.