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They were to make sure that the men did what they were supposed to. After many colonies had failed because the men didn't do what they were supposed to. Then people over in Europe realized that men are more polite and will do what they have to do in order to survive. That was the main job of women when Europeans began to travel into the new world.

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Women owned business

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more settlers started families

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Q: Which was an impact of the arrival of women at Jamestown?
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The arrival of this group of people helped settle influence and gave permanence to the colony of Jamestown?

The arrival women to Jamestown helped to settle and influence the community. The presence gave a feeling of permanency to the colony of Jamestown.

Why was the arrival of women in 1620 important?

it made more people come to Jamestown to have a bigger settlement

Jamestown became a wealthier and more permanent settlement because of the arrival of which two groups?

African Americans and Women

What was the arrival and the settlement?

what will bring to jamestown

What were the impact on the banjara tribae after the arrival of british?

british arrival impact on banjara

What new arrival's helped the Jamestown colony thrive?

Tobacco, grains, people and specie's

What position in society did the first African men and women have in Jamestown?

what position in society did the first African men and women have in Jamestown

What can you infer about the people who lived in jamestown before the arrival of the english?

gay man

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Who arrived in Jamestown in 1619?

Women were the first to arrive in Jamestown

Why were more women sent to Jamestown in 1620?

to make Jamestown a permanent settlement

When did women arrive in Jamestown an what role did they play in stabilizing Jamestown?

on the boat an role play in cooking cleaning