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Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Did you know:

The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was named for federal judge Alfred P. Murrah, an Oklahoma native.

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This took place in Oklahoma City, OK. It was the Alfred P. Murrah building. A lot of people were killed in the blast.

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Q: Which was the name of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City that was bombed in 1995?
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When was the federal building in Oklahoma City bombed?

1995 by timothy mcvey at 9:02am

Where did the Oklahoma City bombing happen in 1995?

The Oklahoma City bombing was a domestic terrorist attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

What is some interesting information that happened in 1995?

Timothy McVeigh bombed a government building in Oklahoma City and killed 168 people.

What happened on April 19 1995?

The Oklahoma city was bombed

Where in the US did a bomb go off in 1995?

The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, a government office complex in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. April 19, 1995.

When was the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma bombed?

On April 19, 1995, a truck-bomb explosion outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in OklahomaCity, Oklahoma, left 168 people dead and hundreds more injured. The blast was set off by anti-government militant Timothy McVeigh, who in 2001 was executed for his crimes.

Which United States city was the site of an explosion outside a federal office building that killed 169 people in 1995?

Oklahoma City.

How old was Michael Fortier at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing?

Michael Fortier was born in 1968 and was about 27 when the Murrah Building was bombed by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols on April 19, 1995.

How many people died in the murrah federal building boming?

168 people died in the Murrah Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. It was one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the United States at that time.

What tragic event happen in 1995?

Oklahoma City bombing. 168 people were killed when Timothy McVeigh blew up a Federal building. He has since been executed.

Who did the Oklahoma City boombing?

Timothy James McVeigh was convicted of the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. Also convicted on co-conspiracy charges were Terry Nichols and Michael Fortier.

Date of Oklahoma City bombing?

19 April 1995 A security photo from a nearby building showing the Ryder truck approaching the Murrah Federal building.