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Rosa Parks (Civil Rights Movement)

Eleanor Roosevelt (Women's Rights)

Harriet Tubman (Slavery and the Civil War)

The list is too long but those are some really good ones.

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Q: Who are some women who showed perserverance in the past to change history?
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What contribution did Sally Ride did for history?

showed that women are awesome too! ROCK ON LADIES!:)

How did sojourner change history?

she change the world because she helped women get rights

How did stagflation change American history?

She was a KIND INTELLIGENT women

How did sojourner truth change history?

she change the world because she helped women get rights

How did Susan B. Anthony change history?

She was able to have women vote.

How did Elizabeth Bessie Coleman make history?

Elizabeth Bessie Coleman made history because she showed a lot of bravery. Elizabeth is also a hero because she was the first women to fly a helicopter.

How did Amelia Earhart change the world?

She showed people that women can do the same things that men can do. and gender should not matter when it comes to anything!

What has the author Gerda Lerner written?

Gerda Lerner has written: 'The Elizabeth Cady Stanton-Susan B. Anthony Reader' 'Scholarship in Women's History Rediscovered & New' 'Living with history--making social change' -- subject(s): Women college teachers, Feminism and higher education, Study and teaching (Higher), History, Social change, Women 'Why history matters' -- subject(s): Women, College teachers, Social conditions, Philosophy, Biography, History 'Women and history' -- subject(s): Women, History, Femmes, Histoire, Sekserol, Patriarchaat (sociologie), Sex role, Western Civilization, Sekseverschillen, Patriarchy 'Teaching Women's History' 'The Grimke Sisters from South Carolina' 'The Creation of Feminist Consciousness' -- subject(s): Civilization, Western, Feminist theory, History, Western Civilization, Women, Women intellectuals 'Liberal Education and the New Scholarship on Women'

How did the suffragettes change history?

The fought for and won the political emancipation of women. After their campain women and men had equal voting rites.

What has the author Nancy Ruth Reagin written?

Nancy Ruth Reagin has written: 'Bourgeois women, local politics, and social change' -- subject(s): History, Women, Feminism 'Star wars and history' -- subject(s): Star Wars films, Motion pictures and history, HISTORY / General, History and criticism 'Twilight and history' -- subject(s): American Young adult fiction, History and criticism 'A German women's movement' -- subject(s): History, Feminism, Women

Can women change the world?

Why couldn't a women change the world. On average, men are physically dominant to women. But mentally and spiritually they are equal. There is no reason a women supposedly can not change the world, they have almost the exact same abilities as men. If you are a women, and you want to change the world, fight for what you believe in, and you can even achieve more than any of us men has in known history. God bless.

What happened after Cleopatra showed that women can rule?

She died