Who are the huchnom?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Huchnom is a native american tribe. They lived in the North-central part of California which is now Mendocino County. They fished, hunted dear, and gathered acorns. It was hard for them to find food. They lived in cone shaped houses. Ceremonies that were important to the Huchnom were much like those of the Yuki, held to honor Taikomol, the creator, and the spirits of people who had died.

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Q: Who are the huchnom?
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Did the yuki tribe have other tribes that were related?

The Yuki of California are classified as an isolate group, with no known related tribes. They consisted of three main divisions: Yuki, Huchnom and Coast Yuki. Around 100 Yuki people remain today, but their language is close to extinction.