Who are the powhatans enemies?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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the Monocans aare the Powhatans enemies

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Q: Who are the powhatans enemies?
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What were the powhatans famous for?

the powhatans are famouse because they were the ones who helped the pilgrims grow corn and tabacco. That is all i really know about the powhatans. sorry:(

Do the powhatans hunt?


What was the powhatans transportation?

Feet and canoes.

What did Powhatans live in?

Powhatan lived in a '' Yahkin''

What tribe lived in the Appalachian Plateau?


Who initiated trade with the Powhatans?

john smith

What were the factors leading to the downfall of the Powhatans?


Why was Powhatans neverous about the arrival of the English settlers?

The Powhatans were nervous because they thought the English might kill them and/or take over there land and take EVERYTHING.

What are the Indian tribes in Blood on the River?

powhatans and warraskoyack

What did the English men trade with the Powhatans?

beeds bracelete

How many tribes made up Powhatans confederacy?


What was the Powhatans Indian god who punishes people for wrongdoing?