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Abraham Lincoln Debated Stephen Douglas numerous times during their run for the U.S Senate in1858. Many other things were discussed also but Slavery was becoming a large issue for the morality of the times.

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Q: Who debated the slavery issue with Lincoln?
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How did Lincoln and Douglas disagree about slavery?

They debated.

Lincoln debated who against slavery?

Stephen A.Douglas in 1858,

What was the main focus of the lincoln-douglas debates?

The main focus of the Lincoln-Douglas debates was slavery. They debated about the right of Northern states to adopt slavery.

What debates did Abe have?

Abraham Lincoln debated Stephen Douglas, during the US Senate campaign, in Illinois, in 1858. They debated 7 times, in 7 different cities throughout Illinois. The main topic of the debates was the issue of slavery.

How did Breckinridge's stance on the issue of slavery differ from Lincoln's?

Breckinridge's stance on the issue of slavery differed from Lincoln's because Lincoln opposed the expansion of slavery into the territories and Breckinridge insisted that the government be required to protect slavery in any territory.

Stephen Douglas from the civil war?

Stephen Douglas debated with Lincoln against slavery

Which issue caused the annexation of Texas to become hotly debated among Americans?


What was the main issue debated by Lincoln and Douglas?

Whether or not slavery should expand into new territories. Lincoln and Douglas did NOT debate on whether or not to *end* slavery, just whether it should be allowed in the new territories and states being accepted into the U.S. Lincoln, as a member of the Free Soil party, thought that slavery shouldn't be expanded, while Douglass believed it should.

Did Lincoln think slavery was a moral or legal issue?

He thought that it was a moral issue

Who believed that slavery was a moral issue?

Abraham Lincoln and William Lloyd Garrison both believed that slavery was a moral issue.

Over Which issue did Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas disagree during their debates?

It was the issue of slavery that Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A Douglas disagreed about during their political debates. Stephen A Douglas supported slavery while Abraham Lincoln opposed it.

The central issue in the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858?


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