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companies made up of several investors

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Q: Who had the better chance of getting rich in goldfields?
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Who had a better chance of getting rich in the goldfields?

Most people did not find a lot of riches in the gold fields. Mining companies had a better chance of getting rich in the goldfields.

What was it like to be a digger on the goldfields?

hard, hard work, with little chance of striking it rich.

What were the diseases on the goldfields?

Being to rich

China rich or poor?

Rich, you have a better chance of getting a job in china than you do in usa since the recession.

When was mining ceased in the Bathurst Goldfields?

The Bathurst goldfields continued successfully for many years, in increasingly outlying areas (e.g. Hill End, Sofala), but there were fewer diggers there because of the lure of the rich Bendigo and Ballarat goldfields in the south. The goldfields in Bathurst were still going strong in the mid 1870s.

What were the names of the goldfields in Victoria?

Victoria was a particularly rich gold mining state. Some of the gold mining towns were:BendigoBallaratCastlemaineBeechworthMaryboroughMoliagulHeathcoteDaylesfordMaldonWalhallaChilternClunesOmeoStawellCreswickBerringaWedderburn

Where were the gold rush people come from?

People came to the goldfields in Ballarat for the same reason they went to any goldfields, which was in the hope of finding their fortune in gold. The Ballarat goldfields were among the richest in Australia at the time.

When were the first goldfields in Australia?

The first goldfields established in Australia were in the Bathurst area, west of Sydney, in 1851. Several months later, in the same year, the discovery was made of the rich goldfields in central Victoria, encompassing Bandigo - Mt Alexander - Ballarat and numerous township within that region.

Is greyson chance now rich?

He is not rich because he does not have a voice

Which sounds better of the following.want to get rich or want to be rich?

Wanna get rich sounds better.

What would happen to people who struck it rich in the goldfields?

The could squander it, be robbed and murdered, or as the more prudent did, invest the money in land and property.

What is the chance of your band being famous?

Your chances are very little you hear about people becoming famous and getting rich but the truth is that the media doesn't publish failure so always have a backup.