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Tad Lincoln
Thomas "Tad" Lincoln was Abe's fourth and final son. He was born in 1853 and died in 1871 at just 18 years old.

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Q: Who is Abraham Lincoln's youngest son?
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Who was president Lincolns youngest son?


Why did Abraham Lincolns son become a survivor?

Please rewrite this question. A survivor of what?

Who was President Lincoin's youngest son?

Willie Lincoln was ther youngest son of Abraham & Marry Lincoln.From, Bryan Hollick

What is Abraham Lincolns nationality?

President Abraham Lincolns nationality is , that he was a U.S citizen.

Abraham Lincolns economic class?

Abraham lincolns economic class is middle class

Was john c calhoun Abraham Lincolns father?

No. Thomas Lincoln was Abraham Lincolns father.

Did any of Abraham Lincolns son fight in a war?

Kind of:one of the sons had to be in a war againest sickness, but failed:(

Who is Abraham lincolns youngest sons name?

his wife gave birth to 4 children. two died. one died earlier in life. his two remaining sons were Willie and Tad. I believe that Willie was the youngest.....i think

What was abraham Lincolns relationship status?

Abraham Lincoln was married

What is Abraham Lincolns Polital Party?

Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

What does the 12th part of the Abraham Lincoln Troadshow look like?

April 4,1853:Lincolns fourth son Tad was born on that day.

What does the 10th part of the Abraham Lincoln Troadshow look like?

December 21,1850:The Lincolns third son Willie was born on that day.