Who is Cincinnatus similar to?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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George Washington is most like cincinnatus

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George Washington and Hannibal

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Q: Who is Cincinnatus similar to?
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Who else is similar to Cincinnatus?

another person similar to cincinnatus is Hannibal

Who is similar to Cincinnatis?

Cincinnatus is similar to George Washington. Neither of these great leaders wanted to keep their position after their job as leader in time of danger was done. After his victory, Cincinnatus stepped down and returned to his farm, as Washington wanted to.

What two people are similar to cincinnatus?

I don't know 2 people, but one of them was Geroge Washington

How is Cincinnatus similar to Hannibal from Carthage Africa?

He came to the fore when his city was under threat and led an army to resolve it.

What is Cincinnatus?

cincinnatus was the best known early roman dictator

When was Cincinnatus Shryock born?

Cincinnatus Shryock was born in 1816.

When did Cincinnatus Shryock die?

Cincinnatus Shryock died in 1888.

What is Cincinnatus families names?

His full name was Lucius Quinctuis Cincinnatus

How long did Cincinnatus rule?

Roman pharoah Cincinnatus ruled for one day.

When was Cincinnatus Leconte born?

Cincinnatus Leconte was born on 1854-09-29.

When was New Order of Cincinnatus created?

New Order of Cincinnatus was created in 1933.

When did New Order of Cincinnatus end?

New Order of Cincinnatus ended in 1938.