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Q: Who is a famous combatant in US history?
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US joint forces command, us special operations command, us strategic command, and us transportation command comprise?

Functional Combatant Commands

US intervention in Korean War?

The US was a direct/primary combatant.

How did the United States help in the Vietnam War?

US was a primary combatant.

What was the role of the us in wolrd war one?

The US became a combatant, part of the allies in 1917.

What is a famous war US history?

Traditionally it has been the US Civil War and WW2.

What are some of the most notorious and famous computer hacks in US History?


A famous war in us history?

just one? Civil War

What was the name of the person who betrayed the US?

Benedict Arnold was one of the most famous traitors in US history.

How was America an allie during the Korean War?

The US was the primary combatant of the Korean War.

The relevance of the interagency process at the strategic level to the combatant commander and the US military is?


The U.S got involved in the Korean war?

The US was the primary COMBATANT from 1950-1953.

Specified Combatant Command?

Specified Combatant Command