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Jane Long

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Q: Who is known as the Mother of Texas?
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What was Jane long contribution to Texas?

She is important because, she was one of the first Female Anglo Americans to settle in Texas. She is known as "the mother of Texas"

Why is Jane Long the mother of Texas?

Jane Long is known as the Mother of Texas because her husband used their money t raise an army to free Texas from Spain. Due to their funding and diligence Texas was won for the United States.

When was Sweet Mother Texas created?

Sweet Mother Texas was created in 1986.

Did Jane Long go to college?

No, Jane Long did not go to college. She was a pioneer woman in early Texas history, known as the "Mother of Texas." She played a significant role in the colonization and settlement of Texas but did not receive a college education.

What is Betty Brown most known for in Texas?

Betty Brown is known for several things in Texas. The thing that she is most known for in Texas is being one of the Texas House of Representatives for Texas District 4.

Who is known as the 'Mother of the Valentine'?

Mother of the Valentine?Howland, known as the Mother of the Valentine..

What river is known as the mother river the mother river?

Mother River is known as Ganges.

Why did Jane long come to Texas?

Jane long was the mother of texas.

Who is the mother of Texas?

Jane long

Texas became better known as the what rather than the republic of Texas?

Texas became better known as the "REGION", rather than the republic of Texas.

What other name is known for the state of Texas?

Texas is known as the "Lone Star State"

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