Who is rosie the riverter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Rosie the Riveter was a symbol for the American woman during World War II. She stood for the strength of the woman while the man was gone and encouraged women to go into fields such as manufacturing to support the effort. The actual Riveter was Rosaria Montincio.

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Q: Who is rosie the riverter?
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How did Rosie the Riveter reflect changing roles for women in the 1940?

Rosie the Riveter was very important because she helped women in WW2 have more hope in become successful, job wise. She was a woman who was made up but her role in WW2 was that she made airplanes.

Who was Rosie the Riveter?

A symbol of working women

Many working women lost their jobs after World War 2 because?

WWII GI's were being released from the service, and went after jobs. At the time it was commonly thought that a woman's place was in the home and the man should be the breadwinner. Women had been hired during WWII because there were not enough men to do the work, especially with so many men in the armed forces fighting overseas, and increased pressure to increase wartime production in factories. So thousands joined the workforce for the first time, often doing hard physical jobs in wartime factories, leading to the figure of "Rosie the Riveter". BUT, when the soldiers returned after the war, the old conventions were again followed, with women being fired and returning GI's being hired in their place. After all, women may 'want' to work, but the men NEEDED to work to be the breadwinners in their post-WWII families. Note I do not agree with those attitudes or actions, but that is what lead to many women becoming unemployed after the war. ... or so I have read and been told. Paul H.

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Toni L. Russell, the daughter of Leon C. and Lela (Ervin) Russell, born December 15, 1968, Corsicana Texas, first inquired to used the term "First Lady" in regards to her Pastor's Wife, Berdie Johnson who was married to the church's pastor, Elder A.Z. Johnson.The church was called Johnson Memorial Church of God in Christ. Toni, a sixth grader, had had her fill of the term "pastor's wife", as it did not justify her vision of the true manner that embodied her Pastor's Wife. Toni inquired the services of the church missionary, Ima Lois Lampkin, a high school math teacher, to petition the Church of God in Christ (C.O.G.I.C.) Headquarters to ask permission. She was thrilled to hear the term used in the Pastor and Wife Anniversary a few months later. After being approved, Sister Rosie Williams, a member of the church, called Sister Berdie the first lady, as she was speaking on the wife of the pastor at the Pastor's Anniversary. Sister Williams looked at the child when she first used it, as it had never been used ever before in that capacity. The child silently acknowledge that headquarters had given permission and after the service spoke with her mother that it had been approved.Today churches all over America now use the term without knowing that it originated from the mind of a small girl, who simply desired to call her Pastor's Wife, the only name at her disposal that reflected her Pastor's Wife spirit. April 3, 2009

What groups or individuals were involved in world war two?

I would name three main groups who gained new opportunities in the US because of WWII.WomenThe workforce mobilization engendered by WWII in the US was staggering. Companies -- especially those involved in war production -- went almost overnight from posting signs turning away unemployed men to actively recruiting unemployed women. Even today's schoolkids have heard of "Rosie the Riveter," who became the archetype of female workers across the country. While the trend of women in the workplace retreated in the post-war years, it rebounded strongly in the 1970s and is an undeniable force today.VeteransDuring and after the war, veterans were a class of people that enjoyed never-before opportunities in the US. Through the "GI Bill," veterans were offered college loans and grants and other government subsidies -- most notably home loans at favorable rates and terms -- that no other sector of the population had access to.ScientistsBefore WWII, science was something seldom talked about publicly. Medical science, for example, was still so weak that it couldn't prevent or treat the influenza pandemic in the 19-teens. Medical science was phenomenally advanced during WWII. Sulfa gave way to penicillin!But German scientists working in other fields figured out how to make unmanned aerial vehicles -- yeah, UAVs -- and launched them with aggravating regularity toward London, Antwerp, and other targets of opportunity. Thousands died as a result of this scientific breakthrough.As science became the clear gateway to technological superiority among warring parties, nations courted scientists, much as princes court potential princesses.Many of the scientists involved in the Manhattan Project had German names. That is because they were born and raised in Germany.

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Word for making planes?

Since you posted this in Homefront, I think the word you are looking for is "riveter" for Rosie the Riverter. A riverter is one who installed rivets to fasten the parts of aluminum together. Other words; manufacturing, assembly, frabricating

Why was that nickname givin to the woman factory worker?

Rosie the Riveter. The nickname was given so that people could talk about a woman factory worker without having to say "woman factory worker."

What does the political cartoon by rosie the riverter means?

The "We can do it!" poster featuring Rosie the Riveter is a WW2 US propaganda poster encouraging women , and any worker within the war industry , to keep working and ultimately we will win the war and there will be peace with Japan and in Europe .

How did Rosie the Riveter represent women?

encourage women to work outside of the home to help with the war effort

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