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The Secretary of State is the keeper of the great seal of the State of Illinois.

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Q: Who is the keeper of the great seal of Illinois?
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Who designed the back of the dollar bill?

The great seal

What famous words appear on Great Seal of the US?

The words that appear on the Great Seal of Us are as follows : "Ba da ba da da, I'm lovin' it."

The main part of the obverse side of the Great Seal is?

The eagle.

Why is the reverse side of the great seal unfinished?

The reverse side of the Great Seal was left unfinished because the pyramid is conventionally shown as consisting of 13 layers of blocks to refer to the 13 original states.

What is the symbol on the back of the US 1 dollar bill?

The symbol on the back of the U.S. dollar bill is the Great Seal of the United States. Here is the explanation provided by the Treasury Department:The Great Seal of the United States on Paper CurrencyThe face (obverse) of the Great Seal first appeared on the back of the $20 Gold Certificate, Series 1905. In 1935, both the face and back (reverse) of the seal appeared for the first time on paper money on $1 Silver Certificates. Mandated by the First Continental Congress in 1776, the Great Seal took many years of work by multiple individuals and committees before final adoption in 1782. The Department of State is the official keeper of the seal. A description and explanation of both the obverse and reverse of the seal comes from the Department of State pamphlet "The Great Seal of the United States" (September 1996):Obverse Side of the Great Seal: The most prominent feature is the American bald eagle supporting the shield, or escutcheon, which is composed of 13 red and white stripes, representing the original States, and a blue top which unites the shield and represents Congress. The motto E Pluribus Unum (Out of many, one), alludes to this union. The olive branch and 13 arrows denote the power of peace and war, which is exclusively vested in Congress. The constellation of stars denotes a new State taking its place and rank among other sovereign powers.Reverse Side of the Great Seal: The pyramid signifies strength and duration: The eye over it and the motto Annuit Coeptis (He [God] has favored our undertakings) allude to the many interventions of Providence in favor of the American cause. The date underneath is that of the Declaration of Independence and the words under it, Novus Ordo Seclorum (A new order of the ages), signify the beginning of the new American era in 1776.

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Who is the officer that is the keeper of the great seal of Illinois?

The Secretary of State, who at this time is Robin Carnahan, is the keeper of the Great Seal of Missouri.

What does the Illinois state flag represent?

The Illinois state flag represents the Great Seal of Illinois.

What is the significance for Illinois state bird?

The current design of the flag of Illinois depicts the Great Seal of Illinois, which features an eagle perched on top of a rock, with the dates 1818 and 1868 on the rock, representing the year in which Illinois became a state, and the year in which the seal was redesigned, respectively.

What does 1868 mean on the Illinois state seal?

It was the year the Illinois State Seal was designed. Illinois became a state in 1818.

What year did the general assembly vote to add the word Illinois under the great seal of the flag?


Who is the keeper of the Arizona state seal?

The Secretary of State.

What des the symbols mean on the flag of illions?

The current flag depicts the Great Seal of Illinois, which was originally designed in 1819 and emulated the Great Seal of the United States. In the eagle's beak there is a banner with the state motto, "State Sovereignty, National Union." The dates on the seal, 1818 and 1868 represent the year Illinois became a state and the year in which the Great Seal was redesigned by Sharon Tyndale. Although "State Sovereignty" comes first in the motto, Illinois was victorious in the American Civil War on the Union side, fighting against state sovereignty, so Tyndale placed "State" at the bottom and "Sovereignty" upside-down.[1]

Why does the Illinois state flag look like the Presidential Seal?

The state flag of Illinois is essentially the State Seal of Illinois, which features aspects of the US presidential seal : An eagle bearing a banner in its beak and an olive branch in its talons. The Illinois seal is less structured, however, and bears a shield rather than arrows. The seal is evocative of the state-federal connection, with the motto "State Sovereignty, National Union."

Is there a state seal for Illinois?

The white-tailed deer is official state animal of Illinois. The northern cardinal is official state bird of Illinois. The monarch butterfly is official state butterfly of Illinois. "State sovereignty, national union" is the official state motto of Illinois. Land of Lincoln is official state nickname of Illinois. Pumpkin pie is the official state pie of Illinois. "Illinois" is the title of the official state song of Illinois. The white oak is official state tree of Illinois.

What does the sun on the Illinois state seal mean?

it is hot there

What bird is on the great seal?

The bald eagle is on the Great Seal of the United States.

How is the great seal used?

The Great Seal of the U.S.A is used as an enblem today.