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Abraham Lincoln

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Q: Who is the most inspirational person?
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Who is the most inspirational person out there?

cameron sprague <3

What makes people inspirational?

an inspirational person is someone who does something that inspires others

Who is considered to have produced inspirational art?

Art is subjective. Therefore, inspirational art is also subjective. What is inspirational to one person may not be inspirational to another. That is the beauty of art.

Why is Michael Jackson inspirational?

Michael Jackson was inspirational because he was a good person from the heart and his music changed lives.

Was Helen Keller a faker?

no she wasnt she was an inspirational person

Who was Amelia Earhart's inspirational figure?

I believe her most inspirational figure was aviator Frank Hawks.

Why is Saint Luke an inspirational person?

Because he is a disciple and the writer of the gospel of Luke, but he is no more inspirational than Christ made him.

Where can a person go to find inspirational songs online?

There is a wide range of options for finding inspirational songs online. If one is looking for a site where one can download the inspirational songs, they can be found on the Inspiration Online website.

Who are a few people considered to be inspirational?

Some people who are considered to be inspirational are Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. Neil Armstrong and Thomas Jefferson are inspirational figures. Mahatma Gandhi was also an inspirational person who spoke a message of producing change through nonviolence.

Is David tenant an inspirational person?

That depends whether you are being inspired or not.

Why is Daft Punk a inspirational person?

Daft punk is not a person, it is two DJs from France. They are so inspirational because their music is so different and unique, and they started the French house music movement in the ninety's.

Who is the most inspirational African American?

Sara Palin