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The republican party was who wanted Lincoln to run for president. The other possible candidates were William Seward, Salmon Chase, and Edward Bates.

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Q: Who led Lincoln to run for president?
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What battle led President Lincoln to conclude that the Civil War would take longer and require more troops than he had expected?

The Battle of Bull Run led President Lincoln to conclude that the Civil War would take longer and require more troops. The Union Army was defeated and it led President Lincoln to request the enlistment of additional troops.

What age was Abraham Lincoln when he attempted to run for vice president?

Lincoln attempted to run for Vice President in 1856 when he was 47.

What president led to World War 1?

Abraham Lincoln.

What led john Quincy Adams to run for president?

John Adams's rivalry against Thomas Jefferson was what led him to run for president

Why made Andrew Johnson run for president?

He didn't run for president.He was the VP under Lincoln during the civil war. Became president when Lincoln died and served in the senate.

Who led the nation though the Civil War?

President of the USA Abraham Lincoln

How many events led to the secession of southern states?

when Lincoln was elected president

Did a woman run against Abraham Lincoln for president?


What president led the us trough the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln was the President of the US during the Civil War.

What event led to the southern states seceding?

Slavery IMPROVEMENT The election of Abraham Lincoln as President of the US.

What significant events contributed to President's Lincoln's life outcome?

The Civil War, slavery, Emancipation Proclamation led to John Wilkes Booth assassinating President Lincoln.

What led FDR run for president?

He was known to the national party , having run for Vice-president in 1920. He was elected to governor of New York and that inspired him to run for President.