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Q: Who led the Spanish explorers who came to Kansas?
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The Spanish explorers who came to Kansas were led by who?


Who led the spanish explorers to Aztecs?

Hermann Cortez

What led Spanish explorers to Florida?

christopher colombus

Spanish and portuguese explorers came here for treasure?

Yes, Spanish and Portuguese explorers came to the Americas in search of treasure such as gold, silver, and other valuable resources. They hoped to find new lands to conquer and exploit for their own empires. This exploration led to the colonization and exploitation of indigenous populations in the New World.

When did Spanish explorers first reach California?

The Spanish explorers first reached California in 1542, led by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. They landed in what is now San Diego.

What led to the end of Inca Empire?

the spanish people did when they came from Europe

What year did the spanish explorers find Alabama?

Spanish explorers first encountered the area that is now Alabama in the early 16th century, around 1519-1521 during expeditions led by Hernando de Soto and Alonso Álvarez de Pineda.

When Spanish explorers discovered the vast wealth of the Incas they what?

When Spanish explorers discovered the vast wealth of the Incas, they plundered it, taking gold, silver, and other valuable resources back to Spain. This led to the downfall of the Inca Empire and the eventual colonization of the region by the Spanish.

When did the Spanish language come to America?

The Spanish language came to America with the arrival of Spanish explorers and settlers in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, following Christopher Columbus's voyages in 1492. This led to the establishment of Spanish colonies throughout Central and South America, where the language eventually spread and became prevalent.

What led to the end Inca empire?

the spanish people did when they came from Europe

How were Portuguese explorers different from Spain explorers?

Portuguese explorers focused on establishing trade routes to Asia, particularly through the Cape of Good Hope and the Indian Ocean, while Spanish explorers concentrated on expanding their empire in the Americas. Portuguese explorers were also known for their early exploration of Africa's western coast, while Spanish explorers famously embarked on expeditions to the New World led by explorers like Christopher Columbus and Hernan Cortes.

What were the first cultural interactions between the Spanish and the First Americans?

At first Spanish were friendly to them but later dominated them.