Who lived in a wigwam?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Native Americans

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Q: Who lived in a wigwam?
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How many people lived in a wigwam?

there were 2 families in one wigwam

Who lived in the wigwam?

the algonquians lived in wigwams and longhouses

What are the house the eastern woodland hunters live in?

they lived in long houses and wigwam

How many families live in a wigwam?

mostly only one family lived in a wigwam. ONE family!

What is a sentence for wigwam?

The Native American family lived in a traditional wigwam made of bark and poles.

What did the algonquin live in?

The Algonquins lived in wigwams.

What type of home did the potawotomi live in?

the Pottawatomie one of the three fires lived in wigwam's.

Which lenape tribe lived in teepees?

the lenape did live in wigwams. usually 1 per wigwam. RAVI ARYA

What are the Ojibwa's houses called?

In the woodlands, Ojibway people lived in villages of birchbark houses called waginogans, or wigwams.

How long did the Narragansett people take to make a wigwam?

They didn't make a wigwam. Narragansett is in the eastern colonies and not in the plains where Native Americans used Wigwams. Colonists lived on the ships they came until they were able to build cabins/houses.

What is a wigwam?

Wigwams were made of poles (pine or other hard wood) with animal skins or heavy canvas cloth attached to them. These were handy for migratory people since they could be easily taken down and transported to the next site. "Wigwam" often refers to those lived in by various American indians, but similar types of tents were used by Arabs and others.

What is a good sentence with the word wigwam?

A wigwam is usually round-topped. The wigwam beckons, as I am sleepy.