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The laws for the state of Maryland are made by the State Congress in Maryland. This is true in all states.

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Q: Who makes the laws for the state of Maryland?
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Who makes the law for Maryland state?

The Maryland state legislature makes the laws for Maryland. The governor of Maryland has veto power. The Maryland state court system can interpret and strike down the laws.

What is the first state to enact workers comp laws?


Who does State legislature's make laws for?

Every legislature makes laws for the citizens of its state.

Was Maryland the first state to pass worker compensation laws in 1902?


How much does a Maryland state trooper make?

A Maryland State Trooper makes around 1 cent every hour..... heehaw

What are the powers of the Maryland general Assembly?

The Maryland General Assembly is the state's legislature, made up of two chambers. The function of the Assembly is to write state laws.

How do you get gun rights back after a domestic violence conviction in Maryland?

Consult with a lawyer familiar with Maryland state firearms laws.

Who makes virginias state laws?

The state legislature.

Who makes the laws of the state?


Which branch of government makes federal laws?

The legislative branch of government makes the federal laws and state laws.

Are there points on your license if you have an accident in Maryland and the driver is licensed in Virginia?

Yes, the current state you are in is the state that you must follow the laws by. You will have points on your license for an accident in Maryland even if you are in Virginia.

What are the specific laws in the State of Maryland about incorporating and granting someone a business license?

To incorporate in Maryland, one must be over 18 years of age and have a physical presence in the State of Maryland. No other specific regulations were available.