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obviously not you! in ya face!!!

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Q: Who married a Mohawk Princess in North America?
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Where did the mohawk come from?

The name of the hairstyle came from the name of the Mohawk nation. They are indigenous people of North America. They originally inhabited the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York.

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The Princess and the Frog was released on DVD and Blu-Ray in North America on March 16, 2010.

Who are the indigeneous people of north america?

this would be the native american's A.K.A indians. there were many tribes for example comanche, cherokee, mohawk, and apache.

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Were there ever any mohawk Indians in Virginia?

No, the Mohawk homeland was along the Mohawk River in eastern central New York State; many moved north into Canada.

Where did the mohawk people live in?

The Mohawk people traditionally lived in the northeastern part of North America, primarily in the Mohawk Valley of present-day upstate New York and southern Quebec, Canada. Today, Mohawk communities can be found in both of these areas as well as in other parts of the United States and Canada.

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