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The land was originally owned by Spain.

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~it was owned by Mexico at the time~

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Q: Who owned Texas before it became a state?
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What state was Texas before the civil war?

No state, it was owned by Mexico.

Did Nevada become a state before Texas or after?

Nevada became a State in 1864 a full 19 years behind Texas.

Was Andrew Jackson elected before or after Texas became a State?

Andrew Jackson was elected as the seventh President of the United States in 1828 and served from 1829 to 1837. Texas became a state on December 29, 1845, during the presidency of James K. Polk. Therefore, Andrew Jackson was elected before Texas became a state.

What countries owned Maine before it became a state?

Maine became a state as part of the Compromise of 1840. Before that is was merely part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It was a part of the United States of America both before and after that.

What state became a state in 1836?

Texas became a state in 1836.

Which became state first Texas or Indiana?

Indiana became a state before Texas. Indiana was admitted into the Union on December 11, 1816 becoming the 19th state to join the union. Texas was admitted into the Union on December 29, 1845 becoming the 28th state to join the Union.

Which State actually existed for ten years as an independent nation before its admission to the Union?

The Republic of Texas was the only state that existed as a country before it became one of the United States. This occurred in 1845.

Did Texas win its independendence from Mexico before or after it became a part of the us?

The independence from Mexico of the Republic of Texas was declared on March 2, 1836. It was annexed into the US and became a state in 1845.

What does the lone star state mean Texas's state nickname?

A state that was it's own counrty before it became a state, like Texas, mostly.

What state became the first state?


What town did President G W Bush live in before he became president?

i believe he lived in the state Texas

When was the state of Texas founded?

* The Republic of Texas was created in 1836. * The State of Texas became a state within the United States in 1845.