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The senator from Illinois, Stephen A. Douglas supported the right to have Territory citizens vote on the slavery issue before the territory became a State. He was the prime fore behind the Kansas - Nebraska Act of 1854. He called it popular sovereignty. He maintained this position in the 1858 senatorial race with Abraham Lincoln. Douglas won the election.

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Stephen Douglas

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Q: Who said the right of slavery is the right of a state to decide?
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What explains how popular sovereignty was related to slavery?

Popular sovernty was related to slavery because before the civil war Stephen Douglas said that the states should have popular sovernty and what he meant was the states have a right to choose if they wanted to be a slave state or not. This nullified the Missouri compromise which said any state above Missouri would be a free state.

Who said he felt people should decide for themselves if they wanted slavery?

stephen a douglas

Who said he felt people should decide if they wanted slavery?

Abraham Lincoln said that he believed in letting the people decide whether or not they wanted slavery, particularly in reference to the territories in the United States at the time. This view was part of his approach to handling the issue of slavery in the lead up to the American Civil War.

Who said that taxation is the road to slavery?

Who said that "taxation is the road to slavery?"

Bill that said slavery should be forbidden in all lands taken from Mexico?

The Compromise of 1850 said slavery should be forbidden in all lands taken from Mexico. The Compromise allowed California to be admitted as a free state into the Union.

Why did the abolitionists dislike the Dred Scott case?

Because the verdict said that slavery was legal in every state of the Union.

Which delegate said the question of the slave trade should be determined by the national government?

Col. Mason said that the General Govt. should have the right to increase slavery.

What were north and south fighting about?

Basically it was a States Rights issue. The essential question was if a state had the right to keep slavery when the federal government said that slavery was illegal. The south was convinced that Lincoln would outlaw slavery so they left the union instead of waiting for him to pass a law. The issues of state rights and federal law still is active today. Several states have passed laws that were against federal laws or hampers a law in some form.

What issues were discussed in the Lincoln-Douglas debates?

Lincoln argued that slavery was wrong. Douglas said that the founding fathers had slaves and that local people should be able to decide if they want slavery or not. Douglas labeled Lincoln as a radical. Lincoln said that how could Douglas say it was popular sovereignty if Northern States had to enforce the Fugitive Slave Law.

What did Lincoln name slavery?

Lincoln said slavery was wrong and unjust.

How did Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas differ in their views on slavery?

Abraham Lincoln said that slavery could exist in the United States if it did not spread. That means that the states that had slaves could keep them, but any new state added to the union could not have slavery. Stephan A Douglas believed that slavery was wrong and that it should be abolished from all states now and in the future. Bottom Line: Lincoln= current slave holding states have slaves. All new states have no slaves. Douglas= no slaves what so ever.

How did the north and the south have different economically?

the south wanted slavery because thet thought it was write and the north said it was knot right to be trited that crull