Who stop aparthied?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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aparthied was stoppend by EW de Klerk and Mandela

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Q: Who stop aparthied?
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How did Nelson Mandela stop aparthied?

He gave his life

Who brought the aparthied?

Why did Aparthied happened Why did Aparthied happened

Where did aparthied happen?

South Africa

Policy of aparthied?

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How long did the aparthied last?

40 years

What country was aparthied practiced in?

South Africa

Who apposed aparthied and what tactics did they take?

Nelson Mandela

How did the aparthied end?

Nelson Mandela ended the apartheied

Who was credited with ending aparthied?

FW de Klerk

Can you write a haiku poem on aparthied?

If you like, certainly.

Where is the aparthied?

It happened in south Africa, but is now considered a crime.

What is South Africa's aparathied?

The Aparthied means the state of being apart. Africa's aparthied was a system of racial segregation in South Africa that began in Colonial times under Dutch and British rule