Who was David wilmot?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He was a racist senator who wanted to ban slavery in the new states annexed from Mexico.

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Q: Who was David wilmot?
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When did David Wilmot die?

David Wilmot died on 1868-03-16.

What was the name of the proposal david wilmot introduced in 1846?

The wilmot proviso

What state Senator presented the Wilmot Proviso?

It was Congressman David Wilmot of Pennsylvania..

What state did Senator Wilmot represent?

David Wilmot wasd a Congressman from Pennsylvania.

Who is David Wilmot?

David Wilmot was a U.S. politician in the mid-1800s. The Wilmot Proviso was named after him. This legislation was meant to ban slavery in western lands gained in the Mexican-American War.

Was david wilmot for slavery?

David Wilmot was not for slavery. In fact, he thought that all the new territories that were in development should be free from the practice.

Who was invovled in the Wilmot Proviso?

Jacob Brinkerhoff of Ohio was the author, but the Speaker of the House recognised Wilmot and so it bears his name.

What is the home state of david wilmot?

David Wilmot's home state is Pennsylvania. David was a US Senator and Congressman from Pennsylvania's 12th district during the 1800's.

David Wilmot and the Wilmot Proviso?

He introduced it into legislation but was not its author. Jacob Brinkerhoff wrote the legislation.

Who offered the Wilmot proposal to the Mexican American War Legislation?

David Wilmot, a Pennsylvania Congressman.

Home state of david wilmot?


What has the author David Wilmot Smith written?

David Wilmot Smith has written: 'The way out' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Working class, Labor unions