Who was George Oglethorpe?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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He was an English social reformer who founded the Georgia Colony.

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Q: Who was George Oglethorpe?
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Who founded the Georgia Colony?

It was found by James Oglethorpe.

What is James Oglethorpe's middle name?


What is the official name of the colony of Georgia?

The official name for the colony of Georgia was the Province of Georgia. General James Oglethorpe received a charter from George II in 1732. The colony was named after King George. Oglethorpe started the colony as a haven for debtors.

Who founded Georgia colony?

George II and James Edward Oglethorpe

When did King George II grant Oglethorpe and the Trustees the charter for the colony of Georgia?


What year did King George II grant Oglethorpe his group charter for Georgia?

1732 :)

Who or what was Georgia named after?

Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe and named for his King, George of England.

When did Georgia come in to existence?

in 1733, founded by James Oglethorpe and named after King George II

Why was Georgia named after King George II of England?

King George II gave James Oglethorpe the Charter to even create Ga,so we paid debt to him..We would probably have names the state after Oglethorpe but evidently he was a bad leader and he left us too go back to England.☺︎

Did James Oglethorpe Get Married?

Yes. James Oglethorpe was married to Mary Oglethorpe.

Where is the Oglethorpe Public Library in Oglethorpe located?

The address of the Oglethorpe Public Library is: 115 Chatham Street, Oglethorpe, 31068 0425

What were the Parents' names of James Oglethorpe?

James Oglethorpe father's name was Sir Theophilus Oglethorpe, of Godalming, Surrey and his mothers name is Mistress Eleanore Oglethorpe. His grandfather was Sutton Oglethorpe.