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Robert Todd Lincoln was the only son of President Abraham Lincoln to live to maturity. President Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, had four sons. Tad Lincoln lived to the age of 18, while Edward and Willie both died in childhood.

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Q: Who was Lincoln's only son who lived to maturity?
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Which of Abraham Lincoln's lived to maturity?

Robert Todd Lincoln, his eldest son, was the only son, of four sons, to live past the age of 18.

What does the 7th part of the Abraham Lincoln Troadshow look like?

August 1,1843:The Lincolns first son Robert was born on that day.He was their only child who lived to be an adult.

Lincoln's only son of four to live to maturity was named?


Who was president Lincolns youngest son?


Name lincolns son the only on to survive to adult hood?

Robert Todd Lincoln grew up to have his mother committed.

How many of lincolns sons outlived their mother?

only one son made it to adulthood and that was Robert who outlived his mother by 27 years

What personal tragedy did lincolns experience while they were in the white house?

Death of a son

Is it true that President Lincolns son was embalmed in the White House?


Why did Abraham Lincolns son become a survivor?

Please rewrite this question. A survivor of what?

Rembrandt's only son to survive?

His name was Titus, who lived 1641 - 1668.

What does the 3rd part of the Abraham Lincoln Troadshow look like?

October 5,1818:Lincolns mother Nancy died from milk sickness on that day.She was only 34 years old.At that time her son Abe was only nine years old.

What does the 9th part of the Abraham Lincoln Troadshow look like?

February 1,1850:Lincolns son Edward died from pulmonary tuberculosis on that day.He was only three years old.