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These are very interesting graves, to say the least. Bronco Charlie (Row 8), Red River Tom (Row 5), Ormsby (Row 7), Stinging Lizard (Row 6) and Jack King (Row 8) are the names of fictional characters in the Western novel Wolfville by Alfred Henry Lewis, published in 1897. Unless Lewis borrowed the names from actual Tombstone players, the grave markers are jokes, placed on otherwise unidentified, possibly empty plots. It is not known when the original markers were created, nor by whom, but whoever did so must have been quite familiar with Wolfville as, in the book, Ormsby did shoot Bronco Charlie and Red River Tom and died from a gunshot wound himself, and Stinging Lizard was killed by a character named Cherokee Hall.

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Q: Who was Ormsby-Kimberly in the OK Corral?
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