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Q: Who was a female abolitionist and a traveling preacher?
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A female abolitionist and traveling preacher?

The female abolitionist and traveling preacher of the early 1800s was named Isabella Baumfree. She changed her name in 1843 to Sojourner Truth.

Who was the Us social reformer preacher and abolitionist?

William Lloyd Garrison

Who is the preacher in Li l Abner?

Marryin' Sam was the (traveling) preacher in the comic.

When was Female Preacher created?

Female Preacher was created on 1991-07-09.

Preacher-abolitionist who funded weapons for antislavery pioneers in kansas?

Henrey Ward Beecher.

Whose a black abolitionistt and traveling preacher?

Sojourner truth

Who was a US social reformer preacher and abolitionist?

One prominent US social reformer, preacher, and abolitionist was Frederick Douglass. He was a key figure in the anti-slavery movement, advocating for the rights of African Americans and actively speaking out against slavery throughout his life.

What are the Greek and the Hebrew words for preacher?

Hebrewmale preacher = komehr (כומר)female preacher = komehret (כומרת).Greekyerokírykas (ιεροκήρυκας)Note: the Hebrew word also means minister, parson, vicar, catholic priest, or any Christian rank

What did Sojourn truth do?

Sojourner Truth was a preacher, abolitionist, and a worker in the underground railroad. She was a great woman speaker and was always a determined worker.

Why is Julia louisa lovejoy famous?

She was an anti slave metodist preacher who made big scarefices to move to kansas to be part of the abolitionist movement

What are some character traits of Sojourner Truth?

Nice. hehehe

What nicknames did Lyn Collins go by?

Lyn Collins went by The Female Preacher.