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Q: Who was an abolitionist speaker and writer who escaped from slavery?
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Frederick Douglass?

American abolitionist and writer, he escaped slavery and became a leading African American spokesman and writer. He published the autobiography, The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, and founded the abolitionist newspaper, the North Star.

Was Frederick Douglass a freed slave or a run away slave?

Frederick Douglass was a freed slave. He escaped slavery and went on to become a prominent abolitionist, writer, and speaker.

What famous African American abolitionist speaker and writer could have been captured and returned to slavery?

frederick douglass

Was Fredrick Douglas a slave then later became an abolitionist?

Fredrick Douglas was an African-American writer, orator and statesman. He escaped from slavery in 1838 at the age of 20 years and subsequently became a leader of abolitionist movement.

Was Frederick Douglass an abolitionist?

Frederick Douglass was born a black slave but escaped. He became a noted abolitionist and worker for equal rights, for blacks and for women. He suggested at one point in his life that his biological father may have been one of his mother's masters.

What did Frederick Douglass invent?

Frederick Douglass was noted for being a social reformer and writer who escaped from slavery to lead the abolitionist movement. He is known for being a great orator, but has never invented anything.

Black abolitionist writer who called for a bloody end to slavery?

David Walker

Which escaped slave frequently gave speeches about his experience as a slave in an effort to have slavery abolished?

Fredrick Frederick Augustus Washington Douglass (1818-1895). He was an African-American social reformer, writer, abolitionist orator and statesman..

Black abolitionist writer who called for a bloody end to slavery in an appeal of 1829?

David Walker

What important thing did Frederick Douglass do for Maryland?

Frederick Douglass was a slave in Maryland and escaped in the mid 1800's. He was a public speaker and writer that spoke against slavery. He did nothing politically however he helped shape the abolishionist movement which lead to the ending of slavery in America.

Was Theodore weld an abolitionist?

Theodore Weld was a writer, speaker and organizer. He was the leading voice of American abolitionist movement during the very early days from 1830 till 1844.

What made Douglass a particularly effective writer and speaker for the cause of abolition?

I don’t know